Cowell Electric specialises in the Design, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance of powerlines from low voltage up to and including 33kV. 

We currently have Ownership of the Distribution System at Iron Knob and Pimba, South Australia. As such, we carry out all inspections, maintenance, improvements and emergency response to the distribution system.  

Our Distribution services extend to the following areas for each client depending on their individual needs, including but not limited to: 

  • Energy needs consultation, assessment, design and engineering of power distribution systems
  • Construction and maintenance of overhead and underground distribution systems
  • Street light installation and maintenance
  • Annual asset inspection and maintenance recommendations including vegetation management
  • Provision of system operation and maintenance services

We have provided our specialist HV construction services to all Australian state regional areas.  Cowell Electric has developed both our fleet, plant and equipment and operating systems over our years of operating in these remote environments to handle the challenges that are encountered due to the tyranny of distance.

Cowell Electric deliver specialist high voltage services to HV asset owners in a diverse range of market sectors including: 

  • Utility companies 
  • Government corporations 
  • Heavy industrial 
  • Commercial sites 
  • Mining companies 
  • Oil and Gas 
  • Renewables 



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Flagship Projects

Carrapateena Truck

Carrapateena 11KV DCCT

Cowell Electric designed, supplied and construct approximately 6.4km of 11kV Overhead Lines including 6.4km of 11kV Overhead Lines configured as 2 by 3.2km circuits to 3 vent fan locations and 69 x 15.5m galvanised steel monopoles.

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SMA Olympic Dam

Cowell Electric installed and commissioned 11kV double circuit overhead distribution lines to supply power to the SMA.

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strung line

Silverton Windfarm 33KV

Cowell Electric installed and strung 51 slip jointed tubular steel structures ranging from 15-30m long and strung 7.7km of dual circuit overhead power line and 9.6km of single circuit overhead power line.

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Lincoln Gap CN-9 to 1

Lincoln Gap Windfarm 275KV

Cowell Electric constructed 6.8km 275kV overhead power line and included 6.8km of single circuit 275kV and OPGW power line using single sulphur conductor per phase and one overhead OPGW circuit on 27m-30m steel slip jointed tubular poles.

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Electrical Installations

Carrapateena Powerline

Cowell Electric designed and constructed approximately 7.5km of 11kV overhead power line including 40, 17m galvanised steel monopoles and 33klm of Mango conductors.

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Renewables - Bungala solar

Bungala Solar Farm

Cowell Electric installed approximately 4.3km of 185mm2 33kV cable to link 12 banks of 3AC/DC power stations in a daisy chain method and approx. 12.1km of 300mm2 33kV cable which links each of these 12 banks back to the main 33kV switchroom.

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