Cowell Electric is committed to providing a high quality service and place of business to our clients and staff. This commitment is reflected in our Quality Management System and the policies and procedures which underpin our Purpose and Values.

Cowell Electric has a wide range of fully developed policies, guidelines and procedures to cover the delivery of our services.

In 2017 our management system was certified to ISO 9001:2015, with clearly outlined and integrated policies, procedures and associated forms, which cover all aspects of our business. For example; client interaction, critical incidents, grievances, performance management, misconduct and project supervision.

Quality Assurance is a carefully planned and systematic approach, designed to enhance the quality of service delivery at Cowell Electric. The quality assurance system involves establishing and documenting processes and guidelines that encourage all staff to deliver the service with a predetermined level of excellence. It also considers compliance to legal and other regulatory standards. The implementation of consistent, professional service delivery is tested through our internal audit processes.

Health & Safety Management System

Cowell Electric takes safety seriously and is fully committed to ensuring a safe work place for all our workers, continually striving to improve safety performance, & instilling a cultural mindset in the company to achieve a Zero Harm work environment.

A comprehensive safety management system has been implemented across the business, which is in compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation. Cowell Electric achieved certification to ISO/NZS 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in 2019 .

Our team recognise that in order to achieve an outstanding safety performance, we must have a proven systematic safety system, committed management and a proactive workforce.

Quality Management System

Cowell Electric has implemented a Quality Management System which is accredited to the International Standard for Quality Management Systems ISO:9001.

Our robust Quality Management System enables us to complete projects to a consistently high standard and offers us the opportunity to drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Environmental Management System

Cowell Electric takes its responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our activities to the environment and communities in which we operate very seriously.

Our Environmental Management System addresses all facets of environmental management, including community relations, heritage issues and compliance with relevant licensing and legislation requirements, and has achieved certification to the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems ISO:14001.


Cowell Electric holds the following relevant licences for operations:

  • 1-16-14253-01-18 – NT Contract Accreditation Licence
  • C1362 – NT Electrical Contractors Licence
  • 331726C – NSW Electrical Contractors Licence
  • EC 014003 – WA Electrical Contractors Licence
  • PGE 289331 – SA Plumbing, Gasfitting & Electrical Contractors Licence
  • BLD 289363 – SA Building Works Contractors Licence
  • 007595 – CM3 Prequalification