Community & Sponsorship

Cowell Electric values the ability to be able to improve the wellbeing and experiences of the community in which we work as part of its roles as a regional corporate citizen. We do this through actively purchasing goods and services from the regions within which we are currently working as well as Corporate Sponsorships.

The following sponsorships have been donated in the last 18 months:

Indulkana Basketball Court

Indulkana Basketball Lights

In October 2019 Cowell Electrical installed customer designed lighting for the Indulkana Community Basketball Court.

The usability of these lights were improved by the installation of solar timer switch so that the lights switch on at night fall and remain on for 4 hours allowing all members of the community easy access to these facilities at any time of the day.

Cowell Area School Logo

Cowell Area School All Rounder Award

Cowell Electric has sponsored the Cowell Electric All-Rounder Award each year since 2001 to recognize a student who achieves academically, makes a positive contribution to the community, and is actively involved in sports.


Nick Parnell

Australia’s most exciting young percussionist and winner of the 2001 International Melbourne Percussion Competition.

Cowell Electric has been a proud sponsor of Nick’s work for a number of years for his enthusiasm for bringing the arts to rural Australia.
Nicholas was awarded the Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship; he was one of eight South Australian’s (over one-hundred applied from all different fields of study) who was awarded this fellowship.

Yalari Logo

Yalari Scholarship

Cowell Electric’s values and beliefs align strongly with Yalari. We firmly believe that one of the key impediments to Indigenous employment is lack of secondary education.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that Cowell Electric has committed to providing a scholarship for the next four years for descendant of an APY Lands resident to attend boarding school for their secondary education.