In 2016 Cowell Electric Supply was awarded the Remote Areas Energy Supply contract (RAES Contract) by the South Australian Government to Manage and Maintain their electricity generation and distribution assets in the following communities;  

Amata, Blinman, Cockburn, Glendambo, Indulkana, Kalka, Kaltijiti, Kanpi, Kingoonya, Mannahill, Marla, Marree, Mimili, Murputja, Nundroo, Nyapari, Oak Valley, Oodnadatta, Parachilna, Pipalyatjara, Pukatja, Umuwa, Watinuma, Yalata, Yunyarinyi.  

On top of the management and maintenance of the assets Cowell Electric also conducts all meter reading and subsequent billing to over 1500 customers as well as the extensive reporting requirements to the South Australian government and other regulatory bodies for this scheme.  

As a result of this contract we hold the Generation, Distribution and Retail Licence issued by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) for these areas 

We have established Service &Technical Installation Rules that provides all the necessary information to customers, sub-contractors or electrical workers requiring to work on or connect to the Distribution Systems managed by Cowell Electric.  

We have service technicians located in these regions to perform our comprehensive maintenance program ensuring the reliability and safety of the system at all times.  In the unfortunate event of an un planned interrupted supply of electricity we have an effective 24 hour fault reporting service .available to all our customers.   

Are you a New Customer? 

Application for Supply of Electricity 

RAES customer connection and supply contract

Customer Charter

Electricity Tariff

If you are planning on moving into an established property located in one of the regions listed above and your are not an existing customer with Cowell Electric please complete the application for supply of electricity form and return it to our accounts department at least 2 weeks prior to your moving date to ensure a timely creation of your electricity account.  This application provides our accounts department with all the necessary information to establish your account with us, determining the appropriate tariff rate and outlines the terms and conditions for this electricity supply.   

The South Australian government regularly reviews and sets the Electricity Tariffs for each of the communities above, and also subsidises these Electricity Tariffs to keep the cost of electricity to consumers in this region as low as possible. 

The RAES customer connection and supply contract outlines the terms and conditions for the electricity supply to the customers in the sites of the Remote Areas Energy Supply contract. Similarly to on-grid customers, charges may apply for extra services, such as arranging a new connection or requesting final meter readings etc. 

The Customer Charter outlines what you can expect as a customer under the RAES contract. It is based on the conditions of supply that have been approved by ESCOSA as a requirement of our retail licence conditions 


Payment Options

What Payment Options are available? 

Cowell Electric endeavours to support all its customers ability to uphold their commitment to pay for their electricity consumed.  We have various Payment Options available to pay your account and our accounts department is willing to provide you with assistance in developing the best options to suit your financial needs. 

If you are a low income earner or receiving Government support you may be eligible for an Energy Concession. For more information you can call the ConcessionsSA Hotline on 1800 307 758, or alternatively contact Cowell Electric Supply accounts department for more information. 

If at any time you are having difficulties paying your account please ensure your contact our office immediately to avoid disconnection. The sooner we are made aware of the situation the sooner we can help you arrange a financial solution.  

Moving out or Moving House? 

Change of tenancy

Disconnection request

If you are an existing customer of Cowell Electric and you are moving out of and into a different property please complete a change of tenancy form and return it to our accounts department at least 2 weeks prior to your moving date. 

If you are moving out and leaving the area completely, or electricity is no longer required at the property please complete the disconnection request form to ensure that all final reads are completed, the electricity is safely isolated at the property and your liability is finalised. 

Help Reducing Your Electricity Bill? 

The Energy Advisory Service provides free independent information on saving energy in your home, calculating appliance running costs and other general information.  Visit their website for more information. 

Are you building or altering a property? 

If you are constructing a new building in either Iron Knob or Pimba that requires an electricity connection for the first time, or are installing an additional electrical appliance or equipment with capacity of 2.5 kW or more please complete the Application for New Connection/Notice of Alteration form. 

Is your meter locked or inaccessible? 

Meter access form

If your electricity meter is locked or not easily accessible for someone to read we require you to complete a meter access form. On completion of this form, Cowell Electric will contact you to discuss meter reading options going forward. 

Are you experiencing payment difficulty?

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you are experiencing difficulty in paying for your electricity. Once notified, we will provide you with a copy of the Hardship Policy. We will work with you to arrange an extension on your electricity bill due date or offer you a payment plan. There are no fees or charges associated with the payment plan. View the ESCOCA Financial Hardship Factsheet here.

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