Taking Power Beyond the Horizon

Cowell Electric Supply is an established brand with over 90 years in operation, assisting remote and regional Australian businesses and communities with their Electricity infrastructure needs.

We are located 100km south of Whyalla, on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, and are well-positioned to service the regional areas in not only South Australia but the surrounding states of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

We are specialists in working in regional and remote areas and our people, plant, equipment, and systems have been developed over our many years of operations to ensure success in the challenging environments we encounter.

90 Years of History

Regional Business

Being a regional business we understand the needs of our customers and the communities surrounding them, and value the positive impact we can make to the local economy from our operations in these regions. Our partnered resources are also regional businesses that share the same core values and focus on local content.


Remote Area Specialist


We provide design, construction, and maintenance services across all our capabilities. We work collaboratively with all our customers to ensure that their Electricity Infrastructure meets their current and future needs, including the provision of routine inspections and maintenance proposals for consideration.

We have a highly-skilled bid and project team that can provide a seamless approach from tendering to award and mobilisation.

Our work teams contain a variety of skills sets to tackle all scopes of work and their commitment to safe and sustainable operations is unquestionable.

Their pride in their quality workmanship and scheduling capabilities provides the customer with the assurance that we will deliver a project on time, on budget every time.

  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Renewables
  • Electrical Installation
  • Remote Areas Energy Generation
  • Electricity Meter Reading & Retails

Powerline Construction

Where the terrain on a project site is rough, a major road, rail or pipeline is encountered or an overhead power line route involves numerous angles we engage our partnered helicopter stringing operators to assist us with our stringing activity. This function is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional stringing methodology and requires the highly skilled pilot working together with our ground support to safely thread draw wire, conductor and cable into the stringing sheaves.

Flagship Projects

Carrapateena Truck

Carrapateena 11KV DCCT

Cowell Electric designed, supplied and construct approximately 6.4km of 11kV Overhead Lines including 6.4km of 11kV Overhead Lines configured as 2 by 3.2km circuits to 3 vent fan locations and 69 x 15.5m galvanised steel monopoles.

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SMA Olympic Dam

Cowell Electric installed and commissioned 11kV double circuit overhead distribution lines to supply power to the SMA.

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strung line

Silverton Windfarm 33KV

Cowell Electric installed and strung 51 slip jointed tubular steel structures ranging from 15-30m long and strung 7.7km of dual circuit overhead power line and 9.6km of single circuit overhead power line.

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Lincoln Gap CN-9 to 1

Lincoln Gap Windfarm 275KV

Cowell Electric constructed 6.8km 275kV overhead power line and included 6.8km of single circuit 275kV and OPGW power line using single sulphur conductor per phase and one overhead OPGW circuit on 27m-30m steel slip jointed tubular poles.

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Electrical Installations

Carrapateena Powerline

Cowell Electric designed and constructed approximately 7.5km of 11kV overhead power line including 40, 17m galvanised steel monopoles and 33klm of Mango conductors.

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Renewables - Bungala solar

Bungala Solar Farm

Cowell Electric installed approximately 4.3km of 185mm2 33kV cable to link 12 banks of 3AC/DC power stations in a daisy chain method and approx. 12.1km of 300mm2 33kV cable which links each of these 12 banks back to the main 33kV switchroom.

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Cowell Electric is a proud member of the Clean Energy Council and Global Maintenance Upper Spencer Gulf group (GMUSG)

Clean Energy Council work with over 800 leading renewable energy and energy storage businesses to further the development of clean energy in Australia. As a member, we are proud to be a part of key conversations to drive the future of the clean energy sector.

GMUSG is an industry cluster of South Australian Small Medium Enterprises (SME) located in the Upper Spencer Gulf region that are involved in engineering, construction and maintenance services to the global resource community.

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