SMA Olympic Dam

As part of the SMA infrastructure program of works, the existing underground mining operation will be expanded to develop new mining areas, which will be followed by further expansion into the Southern Mine Area (SMA) of the Olympic Dam mine. The existing site 11 kV power infrastructure is unable to support the expanded mine demand, and additional infrastructures required to support the proposed mining expansion activities.

Scope of work on this project included:

• Installation of new 11kV power and control cabling and as-associated supports to connect existing 132/11kV transformer into 11kV Substation;

• Installation of new control cabling (to replace existing unserviceable cables) to interface transformer, 3420TF0055, into transformer bay marshalling kiosks and protection panels;

• Commissioning of the 132/11kV Transformer;

• Installation of new 11kV buried cabling between Olympic Dam (OD) West 11kV Substation, and new 11kV SMA over-head distribution system;

• Installation of two new 11kV double circuit overhead distribution lines to supply power to the SMA;

• Installation of underground 11kV cabling from the 11kV SMA overhead distribution system and new RMU Substation installations and;

• Installation of new RMU Substations to provide points of supply for new raise bore fans and underground droppers.


  • Location: Olympic Dam, SA
  • Project Value: $3.5M
  • Project Completion: April 2017
  • Client Name: BHP Olympic Dam
  • Industry: Mining

SMA Olympic Dam